Well we are well in truly into the New Year now but Happy New Year everyone!  I loved this quote which pretty much sums up magic, dreams and good madness for 2016 which is what we all wish for I’m sure.


We celebrated New Years Eve with close family and friends and had a fantastic night filled with laughs.  I even got to kiss someone who thinks I’m wonderful ( my hubby of course), what about you?



The new year started with a clean up.  I’m not sure why this urge to chuck out, put away and de clutter happens but we did it.


I got to start my new 2016 planner from Adore Home and I love it.


Of course who doesn’t want a little bit of this each day.


My gorgeous dog loved soaking up the sun and lazing around with us after long walks in the park.  Oh he is going to miss us when we all go back to work/school.


Here is the madness.  My obsession with running.  I hope to conquer a few goals in 2016.  A few more half marathons especially Run Melbourne which is on my birthday.  I am going to do a 30km race too and the big one – Melbourne Marathon the big 42.2km.  I can’t wait.  In December 2015 I ran 199km and in the last week I ran 61km’s.  I absolutely love running and I get so much out of it.  You can follow my running journey here @yvettesrunlog and watch me surprise myself.


I love drawing so making some art will come easily to me.  In fact in runs in the family.  My older son got the Wacom tablet for Christmas.  It’s a tablet that allows you to draw and create on your computer.  This is a quick sketch of lorikeet I did using the tablet and photoshop.  I could spend hours on it.  My son has already created an amazing cartoon and maybe one day he will let me share it.


Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you get to have some good madness, kiss someone who thinks your wonderful, do some art and surprise yourself this year.