Most of your already know how much I love my Miele ovens and microwave set up in my kitchen.  I often get lots of questions when I post a picture to Instagram.  The Miele ovens have lots of settings and to be honest, I didn’t really know how to use them to their full potential.

So when Miele asked if I would like to attend an oven demonstration at the Miele Experience Centre, I gladly jumped on board.  This would give me all the information to maximise the enjoyment of my Miele ovens and transform the way I cook at home, well hopefully.

I arrived at the Miele Experience Centre to be treated with tea and coffee and air conditioned comfort as Melbourne had really heated up that week.

The demonstration was to be held in a seperate room which was styled beautifully.  We waited for the other participants to arrive before we entered.

There were 9 other participants for my demonstration.  We sat down and watched the Miele Culinary Expert cook delicious dishes and to my delight, we got to eat them.

The Miele Home Economist started the demonstration with a brief introduction and we learnt what appliances each other had at home.  The demonstration is even great if you are thinking of buying an appliance as it gives you an idea of all it’s capabilities.

Gifted also was a notebook and pen.  Everyone was taking notes as we all discovered extremely effective methods, techniques and tips to help take our cooking to a professional level.  I was so surprised to learn that my ovens have so many features and I was now confident to try new recipes.

After sampling each of the dishes, we were left feeling very satisfied and confident that we could master our new recipes at home.

I think everyone in the class was now confident about using their new ovens and now knew of its capabilities for producing the best quality food.

After the demonstration we got to browse through all the Miele appliances displayed at the Experience Centre.  I fell in love with this fridge.  It was so huge and inside it was so neat and tidy.

I love the way this set up of ovens and steamers.  I’d love to have this set up at home.

We also got to take home recipes from our compliementary dishes that we sampled.  I couldn’t wait to get home to try and bake the pear and chocolate frangipane tart. It was so delicious.  There was not need to blind bake the pastry as the oven setting was capable of gently baking the frangipane tart which crisping and cooking the pastry.  So clever!

So if you are thinking of purchasing a Miele appliance then I highly recommend attending one the Miele Experience Centres.  I really learnt a lot and felt inspired to get out of comfort zone and try some new recipes.

You can find more information on Miele appliances here and the Experience Centres and Owner Demonstrations here.

This post was brought to you by Miele.