The bathroom makes up one of the four most important rooms in a home (the others being the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom), yet of the four, it probably receives the least amount of attention when it comes to decorating. Perhaps it’s because we spend next to no time in there, maybe it’s because we’re only using them to clean ourselves. In any case, it’s time to revisit the bathroom, especially as there are plenty of inspiring decor trends that can transform it into a place that…my oh my, you want to spend more time in? Sunday night bath time never looked so good.

Modern and Minimalist

Minimalist lifestyles, clothing, and decorating trends have been sweeping the western world in recent years, and it’s not surprising that ‘modern and minimalist’ has become a favorite of bathroom renovators. To have this style in your bathroom, you’re going to have to do away with any trace of clutter and get sleek, sophisticated tiling and storage. The whole objective of a minimalist style is to keep things simple, but this can be harder than it seems. Keep things simple by making the most of the lines, uncomplicated colors, and uniform shapes.


Old School Style

Just as a lot of other styles that were once thought consigned to history have re-emerged, so has the old school bathroom look. This is also minimalist, but more in a shabby rather than futuristic way. It’s all about incorporating classic white wherever possible, such as in the tiles and bathtub. These can be offset with dark flooring (also tiles) and exposed, metallic furniture and fixtures. If you’re looking for a new style that is considered a safe bet, then this is it: it might not be as highly relevant in five years, but you know that it’ll always come back around: this decor type will never be out of style for too long.

Sun-Kissed Inspiration

If you want your bathroom to have a style that’s more exotic, look at Mediterranean inspired bathroom designs for your remodeling job. The design type blends the old with the new, adopting the styles found in old Morocco and Spain and mixing them with modern infrastructure. Think big mosaic tiles and sand touched colors.

Your Style

You don’t need a complete overhaul to breathe some life into your bathroom. Sometimes it’s just about adding a feature of two. Two of the most popular current features are the standalone bath and the glamorous walk-in shower. Not all bathrooms will be able to have these features, so consult with a company like Ultra Plumbing & Roofing before drawing up your plans; those that do add these features will have a show-stopping bathroom, without the need for a complete bathroom overhaul.

Added Touches

We’re in a period where the small details can make a big difference to the look of a room. Adding things like rugs to the floor, art on the walls and quirky lights can all transform your bathroom in a cost-efficient, easy to do way.