Most people can’t stand the idea of moving house. Although it’s a fun time – going somewhere new and starting a new chapter – it’s stressful as hell! There’s so much that needs to be done – it’s overwhelming.

Luckily, there are hacks out there to make the experience a better one.

… You’re welcome.

Create a schedule

It’s easy to get stuck into everything and burning your fuse rather early on, so to avoid this from happening – create a schedule. Assign yourself hours and times throughout the day, and always make sure you take regular breaks so you don’t lose your head.


Take the free stuff

Moving can get rather expensive, so when you can – accept the free things. You can’t have ‘too many’ boxes when packing your things together, so take all you can get! They can be found outside of shops, in grocery stores, warehouses, or even online.


Pack a first night box

This is a box that is full of all the essential things you’ll need for your first day or two in your new place. This includes things like clean pants and socks, toothbrushes, pyjamas, coffee machine, soap, etc. This will save a whole lot of time so you’re not rummaging around in every other box trying to find where your things are.


Use soft items for padding

Don’t waste money on packing material when you can use what you already have. If you’re worried about glass breaking, use your socks, towels, and bedsheets instead – anything that is soft and can cushion things to protect them. Plus, it’ll be environmentally friendly too!


Cut holes in sides of boxes

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a hole on either end of a box will make holding them a lot easier, especially if they’re heavy. You can buy boxes that have holes and handles already attached – but why pay when you can do it yourself?


Book in advance

When moving, it’s a good idea to book your removal services like early on so that it’s one less thing to do in the chaos period. You may also find it to be cheaper this way too, so have a look online and see what deals you can find.

Take pictures of your electronics

If you’re not very good with technology, it’d be wise to take a photo of all the electronics you have in your house along with any wires and cables that go with them. This way, when you have to set the tv up in your new place, you’ll have the photo to refer back to so you know which cable goes where.


Get donating

Now is a better time than any to sort through all of your things and get rid of what you don’t need. Either put things in the bin, donate them to charity or friends and family, or sell them if you think they’re worth anything! You can get tips for this on

Wrap your drawers in plastic wrap

Yes, this means anything that you have in your drawers – keep them there, and just wrap the drawers up well with plastic wrap, making sure nothing can slide open. Also making sure nothing can smash inside – like glass or porcelain. You can do this with wardrobes and dressers too.


Put hanging clothes in garbage bags

Rather than taking all your clothes off their hanger and folding them up, hold them all together and put them into a bin bag. That way you can just pull them out when you’re in your new place and everything is ready to put straight into your wardrobe.


Use storage bins for seasonal stuff

If there are things that you don’t need until the summer (or winter) keep them stored away in storage bins and put them away out of sight in your basements or closet until you need them. This is organising your new space before you’re even there.

Keep all your liquids seperate

Whatever you do – do not put any kind of liquids in a box or bag with anything else other than other liquids! This means shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, window cleaner, washing up liquid – keep it all together. That way if anything pops – it’s all good. Kinda.


Now you have the best hacks; your experience should be a slightly more chilled one, as a pose to a mad, chaotic few days. Just take it easy, get one thing done at a time, and look forward to the future you’ll have in your new home.