If you are after practical, elegant, extremely durable and authentically eco-friendly for all your cleaning and household products then take a look at Murchison Hume.


I have been slowly introducing all eco-friendly, safe and natural products to my household.  I used to buy Spray N Wipe until I worked out that every time I sprayed the bench I would cough uncontrollably.  The amount of chemicals in some of the more well known brands is unbelievable.  So, from that day I switched to a safer product.



Murchison Hume  offer a range products for your bathroom, kitchen and laundry and there is even a dog wash.



To clean down my caesar stone bench tops I use the Counter Safe All – Surface Spray.  It tackles even the toughest of marks and is safe for use on any hard surface.   It also smells great and doesn’t make me cough.


The Cooks Soap and Kitchen Glove hand cream are a perfect sink-side statement for my kitchen bench.


For the laundry there is a Luxury Laundry Soak.  Knowing that this is safe and effective with no harsh chemicals makes it an affordable luxury for my household.

So if you are after chemical free, safe, eco-friendly household products take a look at Murchison Hume and make the change.

This is not a sponsored post.