How is everyone going with the cold snap?  Well in Melbourne, let me tell you it has been absolutely freezing and of course it had to hit when the kids go back to school.  Out come the umbrellas, gloves (yes I wore gloves to school pick up) and thick jackets.


On what was possibly the coldest wettest day, we braved the cold and went out to celebrate my husbands, Aunties’s 90th.  She didn’t want presents and I suppose at that age, what could you possibly want, so I baked Auntie Dulcie her favourite gingerbread and she was very thankful.


Towards the end of the school holidays it was increasingly harder to get stuff done, this picture sums out how I felt.


Absolutely loving this edition of The Collective.  I have to admit I haven’t always been a fan.  I didn’t always buy it but had read a lot of hype on social media about this issue.  And you know what?  I really liked it.  It’s almost like this edition has found its place, found its feet.  Lisa Messenger liked and retweeted my tweets too.


Braving the cold with sheepskin throws and leather jackets this week.


A little Winter vignette in my home with Designs by Gracehawk art work in the background.



How’s your week been? Is it cold in your part of the world?