How’s your week been?  For those with school kids, it’s getting to that time of the year where we are starting to prepare for them to get back to school.  It’s been a long break for my 2 teens, 2 months in fact.  My daughter has just landed herself a job at the pony club she attends and we couldn’t be happier.


We have eaten plenty of cupcakes over the holidays from our favorite locals.


We visited Country Road in Sorrento.  The cafe was amazing and I wanted everything in the store.


I am slowly getting back into work.  I am sure that I will find it easier to get things done once schools back.


I still managed to do a bit of styling.  I can’t help move things around my home and create little vignettes.


On Australia Day I completed the 10km from Safety Beach to Rosebud.  It was such a beautiful day to run but I got a bit sunburnt on my back.  I will know for next time.  I was thrilled to learn that I finished in position 49th for my age category.  It was a little congested on the trail so no PB for me but so happy with my results.  They even read my name out as I ran across the finish line.


How have your school holidays been?

How did you celebrate Australia day?