So, you’ve decided to move home. Whether you’re moving to a new country or simply moving to a new town, there’s something exciting about the possibilities that come with a fresh start in a fresh house. Of course, there’s a lot to organise before that day. A house move doesn’t happen overnight. It can be a time-consuming and financially-demanding process. Still, if you’re adequately prepared then the move will go much more smoothly. This article should help you to nail each step of your big house move.

Buying your new house and selling your old one.

The first step to moving house is to find your new home. This depends on many different factors, of course. If you’re moving because of a job then you’ll need to research properties within a commutable distance of your new workplace. You’ll also need to think of schools if you have children. There are many variables to consider. You also have to think about whether you’re going to buy a property or simply buy some land to build your new home. You might want to seek help from professionals who specialise in double storey designs for contemporary yet affordable new builds. It’s important that you weigh up cost and quality when it comes to creating or buying your new home.

You also need to put some effort into selling your old house for as much money as possible. You might be desperate to get your property on the market as soon as possible so that you can sell it and move on, but that would be a wasted opportunity. There are many financial aspects to be considered when moving house. You’ll be better equipped to deal with the many expenses you’ll face if you increase the value of your house to sell it for a better price. With some basic renovation work (e.g. repainting the walls and sprucing up the exterior), you could end up with a much larger profit. The increase in value will far outweigh the cost of fixing up the place.

Arranging transportation.

Another important step of your big house move is transporting your worldly possessions to your new home. You should take this opportunity to declutter. You don’t want to bring all of your old belongings with you to your new house. This is a fresh start, after all. Get rid of any clutter that’s been making your household feel cramped and small for years. Not only will this give you the chance to create a spacious home when you move but it’ll also help you to get a much cheaper deal from moving companies. The quotes they offer are based on the number of things they have to transport. When it comes to the cost of hiring removalists such as ZOOM Removals, you also need to consider the distance of the journey and the insurance coverage.


Preparing for the day itself.

When it comes to moving day, you’ll probably be exhausted after weeks or months of planning. But there’s just one more push to go until you’re in your lovely new home. Make sure that you have a plan of action for this day so that it goes as smoothly as possible. You should pack an overnight bag with clothes, toiletries, and perhaps even sleeping bags so that you’ve got the essentials. If the moving truck was to arrive late then you wouldn’t want to be left without any of your belongings. Plus, you don’t want to be rummaging through boxes to find your essential belongings (even though they’ll be labelled) if you arrive at your new home feeling tired. Your goal should be to ensure that moving house is a stress-free experience.