Out with the old and focus on the new and I’m not talking about interiors, decorating or design this time.  I’m talking about life in general and how life can really throw us some curve balls sometimes.

As I get older I am hearing about life changing things that are  happening to the ones I love and care about.

Life can really be tough sometimes.


I really liked this quote.  As I sit and listen to my closest friends tell me about what they are going through my heart is melting and I am trying to find something that I can share with them, something that they can focus on.  This quotes says it perfectly.  Focus all that energy on building the new, this is exactly what my friends need to hear.

myweek 3_opt

This is quote we had at home on the light box.  You should always focus on getting up again.  Friends and family really need support in hard times and a little encouragement.


Always make every day amazing.  Even if you are going through tough times, just try to focus on a happy moment.   This can be hard, but those hard times will eventually pass.

I really wish all my friends that are going through some rough patches at the moment all the best.  My thoughts are constantly with them.  Life can be unfair at times but I hope my friends know that I will always be there for them.

Has this happened to you?  Have your family or friends needed to reach out as they are going through some hard times?