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OZ Design have been delivering unique and attractive designs for Australian homes for more than 30 years.  No doubt some of you already have collected pieces over the years, I know I have and because they are made of quality materials they still look great.  OZ Design can help you create beautiful living spaces in your home to enjoy life’s moments. Today I wanted to share with you four unique style collections that are designed to help you identify and express your individual style.  We all need a little bit of help when choosing items for our homes and this is where OZ Design have simplified it for you. When OZ Design asked me to share their unique collections I jumped on board as I know it will simplify creating that look in your homes, and we all want that look, don’t we? So now you can shop the look with these collection boards and feel confident and inspired at the same time.

OZ Coast

The Coast collection offers lighter living.  Muted tones and textures make it a perfect choice for a relaxed interior.  Natural fabrics, hand glazed surfaces, rustic timbers and washes bring different intensity to a laid back colour scheme.  Use pattern with traditional stripes or muted ikats with a cooler palette for a coastal look you will love.  I love this look for a beach house or coastal living but it would be equally as inviting in a suburban home that wanted that relaxed look.



OZ Contempo

The Contempo collection brings cutting edge contemporary design, comfort and practicality. Although minimal in design, personality and punch is bought in with vibrant colour blocking. This style can be bought together with oversized rugs and floors lamps. OZ Design have a great range to choose from.  I especially love this look with its overscaled pattern and neutral textured fabrics.  I adore the pop of yellow, which brings happiness to any living space.



OZ Abode

The Abode collection showcases practical yet beautifully crafted furniture for everyday living. Rich leathers and highly textured and durable fabrics adorn the sofa collection making them perfect for family living.  Stylised florals, organic motifs matched with stripes and plains add a pop of colour and detail.


OZ Arthouse

Oz Arthouse collection brings an eclectic blend of styles and finishes.  This look is sophisticated and retro, which is very reminiscent of old school style with a sharp new edge.  This is a style where you can place your personal creative stamp.  Fabric in this collection brings texture and pattern, which I love.  There are rich walnuts, glossy whites right through to bright, rustic metals, something for everyone.  This collection will definitely give an element of quirkiness and originality.



OZ Design have done all the ground work for you to find your unique style and to give you confidence in choosing a look that expresses who you are.


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Let me know what collection you love.