If you’re anything like me, after the Christmas rush I tend to do a major clean out.  It’s almost like all the presents that we received for Christmas need to find a home, so the equivalent of stuff that came in, needs to go out so it can all fit.  Get my drift!  Well the pantry also was in dire need of organisation, it also got an overhaul, but not without some inspiration to get me motivated first.






On my recent display home visits I snapped all the butler/walk in pantries.  I kept my mission for inspiration practical.  Basically the theme was to keep the pantry uncluttered and styled with some cute canisters, all matching of course.  Some of the butler pantries had sinks and dishwashers as well as fridges and matching stone bench tops.


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How amazing is this walk in?  I absolutely love it.  The cake stands look so good and how about the bread in the basket?  Oh I wish!


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What about this one?  Not one, but two dishwashers.  Oh wow!

So here is mine after a tidy up.  I organised food into containers (we’ll see how long that lasts!).  I am happy with the overhaul and it feels so much more organised.


What about you?  Have you had a clean out lately?