This park in our local area recently underwent a massive redevelopment. Now finished, Archer and I decided to go and take a look. He loved feeding the ducks. There is also a great playground that he thoroughly enjoyed aswell.



20130909-212640.jpgThere are plenty of parks around and its fun for your little ones to explore new parks. Kid-spot have the links to this park and other fantastic parks that you can explore.



The Kalparrin Lake and Gardens was redeveloped in a clever way to ensure local parks and sports grounds have their own water supply well into the future. It is now a huge water conservation which stores water from storm water flowing into the lake.

This attracts wildlife in an abundance and keep the grounds lush and green.

What parks do you visit in your area? I’d love to hear about them.


It’s amazing what you discover when you start exploring what’s in your own backyard.


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