Pendants are one of the most popular lighting choices for people building or renovating their homes.  Pendant lighting can instantly transform a room.  Keep in mind your current style and decor and match the pendant accordingly.   There are a few other things to consider when choosing pendant lighting for the home.  It’s not always as easy as it looks to choose the right pendant.  There are so many different styles.  Copper pendant lights, brass pendant lights, glass pendant lights, concrete pendant lights, modern pendant lights as well as pendants for the kitchen.  Where do you start?  That’s where Beacon Lighting can help. Their extensive range has a variety of colours, sizes and designs to choose from, so you are sure to find the right pendant.

It’s not easy choosing the right pendant but here are a few tips you might consider to help you out.


Croft 1 Light Pendant Brushed Copper, Ash, Chalk and Mint

1.Have you fallen in love with a pendant?  Consider the size of the space where the pendant will feature in.  If it is oversized it will clutter the room, undersized and it will look out of place.  The modern pendant lights shown here have the perfect symmetry.  Each pendant has been hung at exactly the same height to create perfect lighting over the kitchen bench.  I love how they bring a splash of colour to the space as well.


Southampton 6 Light Pendant in Antique Black

This glass pendant light from Beacon Lighting compliments the dining room table perfectly.  It does not overshadow it all even though it is of large scale.  It is the perfect size for this space and only one is needed.  If you added another one it would clutter the space.


Manor Mix ‘n’ Range

2. Clustering is a lighting trend you could consider.  Choose an odd number though starting with 3 or 5 pendant lights and cluster them together.  Hang them at different heights too to add interest. Experiment with different shapes and different colours such as kitchen pendant lights to create some real drama.


Tadao 1 Flat Top Pendant in Concrete

Here is cluster of concrete pendant lights in the same colour and textures.  It creates a focal point in the room without being over the top.  Clustering works well over a table, in a nook or in a corner of a room.


Ando 1 Light Pendant In Cork/Glass

3. Also consider dimmers for your pendants.  You could also have separate switches for each pendant to create the perfect ambience.  This is lovely in a living room when you are watching TV at night and don’t want bright lights on.

So once you know your style, whether it be bold or neutral, contemporary or traditional, Beacon Lighting is the place for all your home lighting needs.  Use these helpful tips and you are on your way to choosing the right pendant for your home.

For more inspiration and images, head over to the Beacon Lighting Pinterest Boards.

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