On the weekend we went to the Prahran Hotel.  Situated on the corner of High Street it has a striking art deco facade.  Techne Architects have done a brilliant transformation.  You can choose to sit in a half pipe or a window booth for a delicious meal.  The menu was filled with burgers, chips, lamp shanks and fish n chips.  We thoroughly enjoyed our night out.






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The interior looked just as amazing as the interior.  Feature walls filled with plants, wood lined walls and funky seating.  It was such a great night out with the DJ playing 80’s music (sorry I’m getting old).


We almost didn’t make it though.  We got half way there (about 20mins) and Archer (5 years old) announces in the car, “I’ve got no shoes on”!

Hubby slammed on the brakes, turned the car around and home we went.  Lucky we went home as the cat was still inside and would have set the alarm off if it walked around the house.

We eventually made it and had a great night.

weekend 1_opt

Where does the weekend go?

It seems to fly by these days don’t you think?


I caught up with friends and my sister gave me these awesome chocolates from Chocogram.

weekend 4_opt

I hope you had an awesome weekend.