I don’t know about you but I really hate cleaning my house?

You might be lucky enough to have a house cleaner to help you out, but for most of us the dreaded chore comes around very quickly.  If we keep putting it off, it can then amount to a huge clean up.  Tackling it often and quickly is a better idea.  Quick cleaning tips to keep your house tidy can not only save you time but also keep you organised and less stressed about the daunted task.

General Daily Clean up

Each morning I do a general tidy up.  This could include picking up clothes off the floor or putting clean clothes away.  Wiping the kitchen after breakfast.  A quick sweep up outside.  Whatever  your house requires to keep it looking tidy and clean, daily tasks can greatly minimise your weekly/fortnightly clean.

Get The Kids To Help

No matter how old they are, it’s never to early to get the kids to help out.  For little ones, cleaning their bedrooms or getting their bag out for kinder or primary school is a great start.  For older kids, putting the bins out, helping with dinner and helping with the cleaning chores can definitely save you time and help teach them that life is not all about social media.

Use the Right Equipment

When you want to the get the job done quickly, you need to use the right equipment. A cordless vac is perfect for a busy family and it saves you having to drag out the conventional vacuum daily.  A cordless vacuum is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and is easy to store.

The Cordless Slim Vac by Vax is perfect for cleaning up dog hair, dropped biscuit crumbs or even reaching those cobwebs high up on the cornices.  A quick vacuum most days will keep your house looking tidy.


Put Things Away

A real pet hate of mine is when everyone in the family leaves their stuff on the kitchen bench.  By putting things away it keeps your home tidy and in order and more than anything you won’t lose your stuff.  I make sure I get everyone in the family to put away their things and this all helps with keeping the house in order.



I hope these tips have helped you out.  Have fun cleaning!