Quick Remodel Hacks to Transform the Look of your House

Who has the money (or the time) to do an entire remodel of their home? Hardly anybody these days. But luckily, if you find yourself with a little extra time and even a small budget to devote to home renovations, you can transform your home into something beautiful, new and fresh with just a few key accents! 

Photo Credit: Dmitry Zvolskiy

Remodelling doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive undertaking. It can be as simple as transforming the look of a house with just a few new features, an accent piece or one big change. Let’s look at some ideas below: 


Even if you can’t afford a complete overhaul, just changing or upgrading the flooring in your home can take it from worn out to wow. Installing new carpet, a great new laminated flooring or even ripping out existing carpet to restore hardwood floors can all class up your home and give it a seriously sophisticated new look. 

Best of all, flooring is seriously affordable these days, even the really nice stuff! With everything from wood flooring to laminate to carpet and everything in between, companies like www.carpetmelbournedirect.com.au have everything you need to get started. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with flooring – go for bright colors and patterns, things that will draw the eye and get people talking! Your floor can be your accent piece! 


Just as with flooring, adding a fresh coat of paint or even wallpaper to your home’s walls can transform your space and make it something amazing. With so many different types of paint styles, textures and color palettes out there, you’ll have some many eye-catching and elegant looks to choose from. Go classic, or try one wall a different, brighter color to create dimension. The choices are endless! 

Best of all, you can try out different color palettes, customize paint colors, test out different types of paint and so much more right at your own local hardware/home improvement store. 

Window Treatments and Other Accessories

For those of us who don’t have the money for a big flooring project or even to paint, you can get away with changing the look of your home for even cheaper. Just changing out window treatments, investing in new curtains or blinds, painting around windows and baseboards, and other little accent touches can totally class up any space, affordably and easily. In a weekend’s work, you’ll have a whole new living room, kitchen or bedroom! 
These are just a few ideas that you can use to give your tired spaces new life with just a few dollars, many of which can be totally DIY! Remodelling is expensive, but if you try these home hacks one at a time, you’ll be able to completely transform your space into something that reflects your tastes and style and that you can be truly proud of. Why not see where you creativity takes you in your home today?