If you’re fortunate enough to have found yourself a spare room in your home, you may be finding it hard to decide what to do with it. Most homeowners let their spare room go to waste, but there are plenty of easy room transformation ideas to help you utilize your extra space.

Let’s take a look at five easy transformation ideas for your spare room.

  1. Spa Room

If you’re looking to build a personal escape in your home, a spa or relaxation room is a great idea. Depending on your preferences, there are various ways you can customize a spa room in your home. You could DIY a body and face spa salon by preparing store-bought scrubs and masks. Or alternatively, you could install cozy carpets and massage tables for when you feel like taking a break. Spots to burn incenses or an easy aromatherapy session—lighting scented candles by Royal Essence—are also great ideas for your new spa room.

  1. Library Room

If you’re looking for another way to relax, a home library can be a great idea for your spare room. If you have a large book collection, all you’ll need to do is install bookshelves on the walls. Next, place comfy chairs and your home library is complete. It’s the perfect way to create a relaxing escape in your home—reading in a personal library can be very satisfying.

  1. Cozy Bar

If you enjoy entertaining guests, a home bar can be the perfect spare room idea. You don’t need much room to install a new bar—there are plenty of companies that can help you install a corner bar, or you can build one yourself if you’re feeling up for it. It’s always nice to install a wine cooler and cellar if you have a collection. Having a tap beer installation can also take your home bar to the next level!

  1. Exercise Room

One of the best ways to make a quick transformation of your spare room is to turn it into a workout hotspot. Make sure to design the room so it’s conducive to getting your workout on. A large TV and surround sound system is great if you want to watch fitness videos or if you have an online Sydney personal trainer to help you. There are plenty of companies that manufacture compact gym equipment—you’ll be able to fit all your favourite gear into a small spare room.

  1. Home Theatre

Another great way to take advantage of your spare room is to turn it into a home theatre. It doesn’t take much to transform a room into a home cinema. Purchasing a projector and projector screen can help you display HD movies on as large of a backdrop as possible. Next, place reclining chairs for that extra VIP experience and voila, you have your very own theatre.