If you follow along on Instagram you will have noticed that we went to the Royal Melbourne Show.  It has been three years since our last visit so I thought it was time to go again.

Of course being Melbourne it was wintery cold but it didn’t stop us all having fun.


We arrived early to avoid the crowds but I think the rain and cold wind kept a lot of people away.show2_opt

The kids loved the ferris wheel and this was one of many rides that they went on. The Dodge em Cars were a favourite as well as the Fun House and kids sized roller coaster.


Archer loved the pony rides.  He told me that his horse was the fastest ( not sure about that) but he had so much fun anyway.  We may have another horse lover on our hands!


I took a quick snap of the Kewpie dolls on a stick.  A childhood favourite of mine and I loved that they hadn’t really changed all that much.  show5_opt

We heard lots of screams from the roller coaster.  There were so many rides that looked really scary and I love watching them not going on them.show6_opt

There is always so much to see at the show.  We visited lot’s of animal enclosures as well as the Masterchef kitchen.  It was so warm in there and it also smelt soooo good with all the cooking demonstrations.


Kids loved the ferris wheel!


Archer loved the baby animal exhibit and had so much feeding the greedy goats.  Every time he put his cup of food down a storm of 3 or more goats would appear and try to knock it out of his hands.  Archer loved every bit of it.


This game was $5 a shot.  It was at the entry where we came into the show.  I had already spent $45.00 by the time we got to this game (and that wasn’t including our pre bought entry tickets).

That’s really what the show is all about.  If you come home with a belly full of junk food, arms loaded with trashy show bags and an empty wallet then you know you’ve had a great day.

Do you love the show?