I only started running one year ago.

One year ago I could not run 1 kilometre.  Now I can run 15 kilometres in one go and I run between 30 and 40 kilometres a week.

Running has so many benefits for me.

I set my running gear out beside my bed each night so I have absolutely no excuse not get out of bed.  I get up at 5.30am to fit in my running before breakfast. That way I can start my day knowing I have exercised and I get all the benefits of feeling energised for the day.



When I run I plan my day ahead of me, organise what I am going to do and set myself some goals. Some days, I may let my mind wonder so I find running quite therapeutical.


Running certainly isn’t for everyone.  I didn’t think I was a runner until I tried it.  I started off slowly and set small goals.  I was so excited when I could run 2 kilometres, this was a great achievement for me.  Gradually I built up my distance by setting realistic, small goals.

I still set goals for myself today, maybe not so much on distance, but goals for my times. How fast can I run 3 kilometres and can I beat that time tomorrow?

It’s great to set personal goals.  These times are not relevant to anybody else, just myself and I am happy with that.

When I run I am at peace, I feel relaxed and it is purely my time.  A great stress relief.




I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, are your a runner or do you have another exercise that you lifts your spirits?