Many of you that have been following along for some time now, know that we plan to build a holiday house.  My husband and I bought a block of land awhile ago now near the beach in a nice quiet spot.  We had an architect draw up an ideal house for us, lap pool and all.  We plan to go owner builder but this is what got me thinking?  Should we build a project home?  So off to the display homes we went.


And off I went checking out all the styling and interior design ideas.  It was so much fun.  I even had a little helper with me.


We visited two major builders in a new estate about 3o mins from our place.  Burbank and Dennis Family homes were the two displays that I look inspiration from.  I love these white tiles.  These would be great in our holiday home as the sand wouldn’t scratch the floor.


I love how the homes are all set up.  This round dining room table caught my eye.  Don’t you love how the table has been set?


Quirky wallpaper used in one of the kids bedrooms.  Love this idea.  All the bedroom were so nicely styled.


The master bedrooms always look amazing in the display homes.  This bed looked so inviting with the muted tones, texture and lot’s of cushions.  The houses were so warm with the ducted heating turned up really high.  It was so cold outside that you didn’t want to leave.


I loved this guest bedroom too.  The blue really popped against the white.  Lots of fun.



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So after a good look around, we came to the conclusion that we should build our holiday home ourselves.  My hubby is a tradesman and has all the contacts and accounts set up for everything to build.  He doesn’t seem to think it will cost more, so this is good.  Although I do love these homes, we have already designed a perfect home to suit our family and it’s all been approved by the council already.  Stay tuned as we decide when to start to build.


You can read about my caravan renovation here.  This is where we stay when we visit our block.

Have you built a display home or a new home? I’d love to hear from you.