What on earth could be more comfortable than resting your head on a good sofa, whilst reading your favourite book and inhaling the pleasant aroma of a cup of coffee that spreads over the room? Ah, the simply joys! Being the stylish woman you are, I know how much it means to you that you do all these ‘sacred rituals’ in a superbly organised and well-designed living room. After all, your home is where your and your family’s story takes place, so you might as well make it a perfectly designed setting for many chapters to come.



Since the living room is the central room in every home, you have to make sure that you’ve placed the right furniture there. To be more specific, the right sofa bed. Could you imagine a day gone by without you resting on it for a bit whilst catching up on that TV show you so hoped you wouldn’t miss? Didn’t think so. Not a Sunday afternoon goes by without me, my girls and my handsome husband curled up on our beloved sofa bed to just unwind, share a bowl of ice cream and cuddle. Okay, guilty for that enormous calorie intake. But it’s Sunday and a happiness overload is more than welcomed.

So if your next home idea is to choose a piece of furniture that will soon become your most used item, you know that a sofa bed is where to start. It’s no easy feat but don’t but don’t panic. I’ve made a list of some of the most important considerations you need to bear in mind whilst picking your sofa bed. I am here to help you choose one you’ll look forward to coming home to just to sink in its layers of comfort. Thank me later.

Take measurements!

It’s important to get the proportions right so your sofa bed will look right in your living room. Look at the big picture – consider the shape and size of the room and think about the arrangement in which the bed will go. Once you have chosen a sofa you think will fit best your space, take its measurements and mark them on the floor with a string. Or lay a bed sheet on the floor and fold it according to the dimensions. This way you’ll see whether or not you’ll have enough room to comfortably walk around the sofa. Last but not least, do not forget about the fact that you will need to actually get the sofa into your living room, so make sure its dimensions will fit through your hallway and doorway passages.



Yes, having a nice and sophisticated sofa which will bring the décor in your living room up a notch, but don’t skimp on comfort. Beware, elaborately designed sofas do not necessarily equate to comfort. Before buying, consider your height and leg length, whether you want the cushions to be more soft or firm as well as whether you are planning on sitting straight or curled up on it. Moreover, when it comes to sofa beds, remember – one size does not fit all. Therefore, the angle of the back as well as the depth of the seat will greatly influence the level of comfort. Personalise it for yourself and your family.



If you have a large family, it would be a shame not to have enough space on the couch for all of your loved ones to comfortably sit together and watch a movie. In my lovely home, one sofa is enough for my guy and two girls to cosily snug one next to each other under a blanket and enjoy a movie night. But perhaps you frequently have guests over and want to accommodate them properly. In this case, it would be a good idea to consider getting two sofas that fit together in a U-shape or L-shape so that everyone can have a good time without complaining about getting back pain from the kitchen chair you grabbed just for the occasion.


Your answer to making your living room a real treat to the eye. Besides supporting your body and making you feel comfortable, cushions are a must have decorative item that will add a splash of colour to your living room. Style + comfort = win win.


My personal suggestion is to not overdo the whole lot. Opt for something that will blend in with the décor of your room. If your home is more traditionally oriented, go for a high-back sofa. On the other hand, if your décor is leaning more towards a modern style – choose a low profile sofa. The key thing to remember here is – do not follow trends. Instead, follow your own intuition so you rest assured that you’ll get a piece of furniture that you’ll love for many, many years to come.


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