During the winter, many homeowners believe that doing anything to their home in terms of home improvement is ill-advised. Clearly, the rain and snow will mean that normal improvements can’t go ahead. You can’t paint your room because you can’t keep your doors and windows open during the day, so the walls can dry. You can’t fix or improve your roof because it’s constantly raining. Moving furniture around and doing some kind of lighting experiment is also a bit odd and doesn’t always reveal the true strength of the new design. However, during a dry winter when you have stagnant air, low winds and a simple chill, you can do a whole lot more.


Painting your roof?

Yes, the roof can be painted during the winter, but only when it’s dry. The chilli air will actually do wonders for the drying process, because the water content in the paint will quickly dry and stick to the tile or shingles. Use a trusted Roof Painting service that can come over and assess your roof, know what kind of paint to use for the type of material, and safely get to work. They will do a few things before they lay the paint on. They’ll first, give your roof a good old fashioned clean. Getting rid of the moss, bird droppings and debris, they then move onto repairing any chips and cracks. Finally, the paint is going to be laid on. Of course, you get to choose the color!

Clean the brick

If you have a house made from bricks, it’s the right time to clean it. During the summer, the dry winds can blow dust and debris at your exterior walls, creating a faint grey layer. Cleaning during this time, wouldn’t help much. But, during a dry winter where there is no rain, no wind, is the best time. Get yourself a hose and spray down the entire wall. Using a hard bristle brush, clean the exterior but don’t do it too roughly because you might damage the mortar between the bricks. Get one cup of white vinegar and a bucket of warm water. Using a scrubber, dip it into the bucket and then start cleaning the wall in a circular motion. Allow to dry naturally and then you’ll have a nice clean, healthy-looking exterior.

Chisel and weeds

During the winter, weeds will be at their weakest. This is the perfect time to grab a chisel and weed killer, and get to work. Using the chisel, you can dig between the concrete slabs in your garden path and dig out the weed without damaging the slabs. When you cut off the stem or manage to pull it out, then pour or spray the weed killer onto the remaining roots. You may wish to cover the slabs so the weed killer doesn’t dry too quickly in the dry cold air. So, use a tea towel to drape across the gaps.

A dry winter is perfect for some curb appeal improvement. These simple but satisfying home improvement jobs can be done in one day if you make the proper plans.