Over on instagram I get asked so many questions about my cushions.  So today I thought I’d share how to style with cushions like a pro.  I love cushions displayed on beds, couches, in fact I have so many cushions I have lost count.  It’s not hard at all, just follow a few simple steps and you’ll be on your way to styling like a pro.


Follow Your Heart

When it comes to styling with your cushions, just go with your gut.  It’s so important that you like the look of your cushions and not really up to whether they are on trend or not.  After all, you are the one who is going to look at them all the time.  Follow your heart and what makes you happy.


Know Your Colour Palette

When choosing your cushions ensure they are from the same colour palette so the style all ties in together. This will make it pleasing to the eye but not matchy matchy.  In this pic I have chosen the green and greys to tie in with my painting.


Decide How Many Do You Need

I like to have lots of cushions on the couch.  But how many is too many?  Well really this is an individual thing but I like to have a small cluster on one end of the couch and then one cushion on its own.  This style is more modern and works well on a three seat couch.  You can certainly put a few more on your modular couch.  Try doing odd numbers of cluster of cushions.  Be sure to leave room so there is somewhere to sit.


Create Interest With Texture

I love to have a few different cushions with different textures.  This creates a really warm inviting feel especially on my bed.  Here I have a plush pink velvet cushion, a grey felt cushion and a cotton cushion.  Each are individual but each bring an element of interest to the room.  Try it next time you’re out shopping for cushions.  Look for different fabrics and throw in a fur or wool throw to mix it up a bit.



Shop The Look

Here a few places I love to buy my cushion from.

The Stylist Splash Shop

Ginja Design


Pony Rider 

Adorn Homewares


Art Club Concept

Happy Shopping!