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It is not uncommon these days for children to share a bedroom at home.  This can be fun for siblings to feel like they are having sleepovers every night.  Over on the Real Estate blog I came across some expert tips on how to style a shared kids room by Naomi Findlay from the Institute of Home staging and styling.

Here are Naomi’s top tips for your children to harmoniously share a bedroom (well for a short time anyway).


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1. Use Gender Neutral Colours, for example, green, yellow, white or red.  Then each child can choose an accent colour in their style and liking.



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2. Choose space savers, like bunk beds, built in’s.  Storage is important as well.  Book shelves, shelving and bedside tables are things to think about.



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3. Consider desk space.  If space permits, each child would value their own desk space.



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For more helpful hints and expert advice, pop over to the Real Estate Blog and check out Naomi’s full post here How to style a shared kids room.