When it comes to styling, cushions are an easy affordable way to style your home.  Like little artworks for your home, beautiful scatter cushions can really add character to your room.

Cushions will bring a room to life and add personality to any room or your couch.  Tie the cushion colours into the room colour so the room feels cohesive.

Cushions are an inexpensive way to bring your room to life and change it with the seasons and trends as well as adding covers for your couch.  It is also fine to mix things up with pattern as this will also make the room look more homey and less staged.

Don’t play it safe, often not allowing a bit of colour or texture into the room can give it an overall washed out look.  Cushions are a safe way to break up the neutrals and play around with texture, large designs as well as pattern and colour.

Linens, pastels, velvets and texture are all on trend at the moment.  I adore light pastels in a beautiful velvet finish adding a soft colour and beautiful texture.  Pair cushions with ones that are textured with tassels and pattern.  Boho is really on trend and I adore a tasselled cushion in a neutral hue.

Velvet and fur will add a lush look.  This works well in the bedroom where you want to soften the space and make it look inviting and comfortable.  Ultimately you want to make it the perfect place to rest.

Pair bold patter and colour with artwork and rugs.  This works well in living areas especially where there is high traffic.  Bold colour and pattern will hide wear and tear from everyday living when kids and pets are involved.

Mixing colour and pattern is easy. Small-scale and large-scale patter works best with block colour.  It is far more pleasing to the eye and creates balance.

Another fun mix is florals and geometrics.  By blending contemporary with classic designs you will create a fun mix.

Arrange your cushions well.  Configuration is important and generally cushions are better arranged in the corners.  Choose odd numbers, two on one side and one on the other side of a standard four-seater sofa.

Mix up different sizes with your arrangements whether its for the living room or the bedroom.  Play around with sizes until you get the right mix.  The larger the bed or couch then you can generally go larger with the cushion size.

Selecting the right number of cushions is all about balance and can be hard to get right. Play around with your cushions until you get it right.  The general rule is to work with odd numbers and don’t go overboard as there is such a thing as having too many cushions.  After all you do need to be able to sit on the couch.  A single cushion on an armchair or single bed works well.  Remember the more cushions on your bed, the more you have to take off the bed at night.

Happy styling!