The dining table is where all the action happens at home and whether you have a contemporary table or you own an heirloom treasure, make a statement with your furnishings and decorative items that surround it. A versatile dining table means that you can have a lot of fun playing around with different colour palettes and aesthetics when it comes to styling.

There are a few table furnishings to consider so let’s start with the basics.

Square tableclothes are a great building block to styling your dining table and come in an array of colours and styles. There is a wide selection of tableclothes on the market and its gives you an opportunity to choose your own style. Whether you like pattern or plain, all white or a bold colour. The foundation for your styling starts here.

Add a new dimension to your dining table with various colours and sizes to suit in a new tablecloth. They can cater for 6-8 chairs, 10-12 chairs and 12-14 chair arrangements. To make an eye catching look a tablecloth is a must. Tablecloths not only look good but they protect and decorate your dining table at the same time. Adding more style to your meals.

The next step to styling your dining table this season is to add a stylish table runner. When you want to add character to your dining table without the bulk of vases or other heavy styling pieces, add a table runner. Whether you are after a contemporary piece to finish your home decor, classic, or elegant a table runner is another element to styling your table. Choose a table runner significantly shorter than the table length. This is a great design style to use with candles, as the short table runner catches the eye.

Lastly, the dining table is not complete without placemats.  They are a sure way to complement any dining table, from contemporary cotton pieces, MDF or even plastic. Enhance your table setting with round or rectangle placemats and match them to the table runner for a consistent look. Placemats really are the finishing touch to the table.

There is three little steps to styling your dining table this season.

Start with the foundation which is the tablecloth. Add a table runner and then add some placemats. Choose a style that you love and you will feel like your are dining at a five star restaurant every night.