I have two lovely teenagers, a boy and a girl so I like to think that I sort of know what they like and of course don’t like.  Here are some stylish decorating tips for teen bedrooms that might help you out if you have one of these tricky human creatures.  They do spend a lot of time in their bedrooms when they get to this age, doing homework, talking to friends on social media and of course sleeping or should I say sleeping in!


This is my daughters bedroom.  Olivia is still in love with horses, animals and cute cuddly toys of any sorts.

Tip:  Let the teen choose a theme but use it subtly in the decorating.  In this room I chose horse wallpaper.  I add lots of colour and fun in cushions, pillowcases and bedside vignettes making her room still look grown up but fun.


This is my older son’s room.  He doesn’t want for much in his bedroom.  He has all his creature comforts like a double bed, TV and of course playstation, computer and iPad.

Tip: Older teenage boys need space for their gadgets and a bit of space to do their homework in privacy.  I have kept the linen simple that will grow with him.  A double bed for this age is great as well as they grow so much from 13 onwards.

teen 4_opt

Have fun with colour.  Take inspiration from artwork, banners and things your teen has collected.

Tip: Use colours that your teen loves.  Keep the wall colour neutral so they can change their wall displays as their moods change.



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Teens need a space to study and do their homework.  My daughter is in Year 7 and has so much homework that it makes me cringe but she has a wonderful place in her bedroom to do it all.

Tip:  Let your teens decorate their desks, study area with things they love, that way you will hope they will want to do their homework.  We can only hope.


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A cool bean bag or chair is a perfect way to add character and fun to a teen bedroom.

Tip:  When teens get together they usually congregate in their bedroom, the furtherest away from the parents as possible.  Let them do it in style with a funky bean bag or desk chair.

I loved these spaces for teens too.


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I hope these are inspired you to decorate.