Sustainable Kitchen Designs

What is the most important function when it comes to your kitchen? From the design to the location, size and accessibility, there are a range of factors that determine what makes your perfect kitchen. Yet when it comes to kitchen planning and construction there is one factor that makes for a truly happy and healthy kitchen – sustainability. This newest trend is not just for your family but also the environment, sustainable kitchen designs are here to stay.

  • What is a sustainable kitchen design

Creating a sustainable kitchen comes with a simple ethos. Finding ways to provide minimal impact on the environment while retaining the high level of functionality you expect from your kitchen. As a concept that is being embraced across the globe in an ever widening way the sustainable kitchen has opened up new avenues of aesthetics and efficiency in the kitchen.

  • How can I make my kitchen sustainable

There is a wide range of methods that will turn your kitchen into your family’s epicentre to the environments best friend. Starting with the design, consider using a benchtop that is a solid, non-porous surface. This will give you a durable, stain and scratch proof counter that will stand the test of time. Longevity through environmentally friendly materials saves you money in the long run and is great for the environment around you as well. When looking at your cabinets, try using mechanical means, like screws, to connect materials. Avoiding glues and adhesives, which can be detrimental to the environment, also means it is easier to modify the kitchen by removing the screws at a later date if you’ve got new design ideas.


Your fridge can use huge amounts of energy, however there are many ways to effectively reduce that energy output. Designing your kitchen with a cool, well-ventilated area to place your fridge can add 15% to energy use as it avoids hot temperatures. You can also invest in quality fridge seals. The initial cost of better, more environmentally friendly seals will be covered as they last much longer and prevent cool temperatures from escaping, which makes your fridge work harder and drives up energy usage.


Your dishwasher is also a huge energy user but there are many ways to lower these also. Only using the washer for a full load will save on energy output while washing dishes with your hands can be a great alternative. However, be aware that a running tap uses 9 litres of water per minute, so fill up your sink and wash your dishes collectively.


You can also modify your kitchen usage by eating according to season. Eating fruits and vegetables that are not in season result in a large carbon footprint as the goods need to be transported from those areas where they can be grown. Consider switching to local produce which will minimise the energy used in production, transport and storage.

  • Where do I get started

Whether you’re building your house from the ground up or converting your current kitchen, creating a sustainable design can be as simple as contacting your local kitchen renovation expert. Companies like The Kitchen Place Melbourne have a shared passion for your home which creates kitchen designs tailored to your individual needs. On top of that they use Australian materials and craftsmen with an extensive knowledge of the industry which means you don’t just get the kitchen of your dreams, you use workmen who have the environment’s best interests at heart too. Since 1978 they’ve been creating kitchens with the ethos ‘your kitchen the way you want it’ and are a fantastic step towards a truly sustainable and timeless kitchen.


Your home is your castle. It’s a reflection of you, the choices you’ve made and the success you’ve achieved. So when it comes to renovating or re-designing the interior of your castle, no space is left unloved. If the walls you’ve lovingly erected are the backbone of your house, then the kitchen is undoubtedly the beating heart. Choosing to create or modify your kitchen to a sustainable and environmentally friendly design isn’t just helping your local community and the world around you, it’s also highly cost effective. As the centre of happiness, health and home, think about letting your kitchen go green.

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