Happy Halloween

courtesy pinterest
Happy Halloween everyone!

Here’s a sparkly, colourful way to celebrate this ghouly night.

courtesy pinterest
Trick or treat, have a happy Halloween.

courtesy 6th Street design school



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The simplest ways to get organised for Christmas.

Are you starting to get organised for Christmas?  I know what you are thinking ‘it’s to far away’.  Believe it or not it’s less than 11 weeks away. Ahhhhh!

The […]

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What I’m wearing Spring 2013

Spring in Melbourne means lighter clothing and a few warmer days.  Layering is your best option and I love to add a bit of colour and bling to my […]

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Gold glitter dipped feathers

I have seen so many pictures on Pinterest and on my favourite blogs on how to make gold glitter dipped feathers.

I fell in love with these beauties and wanted […]

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Things I love September

Gold Heart Piñata.
Confetti Dipped Balloons.
Happy Birthday Nailpolish.
Confetti filled balloon.

Hope you enjoy.