As a homeowner, one of the most important things you should feel when spending time in your home is: pride. This doesn’t mean being an obnoxious house proud person who won’t shut up about the latest gadget or accessory they have bought to anybody who will listen. It just means creating a home environment that makes you feel relaxed, happy, and proud when you spend time in it.


Here are 12 simple steps that will help you to take your home from trash to class in no time at all:

  1. Let In More Light

The more light in a home, the brighter and bigger it looks in general. Natural light is healthy, and it makes us more productive. If your home is dark and dull most of the time, think about what you can do to make your home lighter. Can you get new windows? It’s expensive, but could be worth it if you haven’t updated them for a while. Could you simply clean them, or perhaps remove a tree blocking your window


  1. Dress Your Windows Properly

Dressing your windows properly makes a massive difference to your home. Whether you choose blinds or curtains can totally depend on the style you’re trying to achieve. However, both of them need to fit your windows properly to look great, so make sure you go to a professional company that offer a custom fit. Make sure you consider how much light and privacy you want, as well as the styles you like best.

  1. Include Plants and More Life

The more life you include in your home, the better! Leafy green plants help to add texture, and flowers bring the outdoors in. Flowers and plants make us happier when we look at them – science proves it. Don’t be stingy with your plant and flower choices and have them in as many rooms as you can. If you want the look without having to care for them, then you can purchase realistic looking fake options on the market.


  1. Find The Right Flooring

The right flooring for you totally depends on where you want your new floor to go, and how much you have to spend. For example, polished concrete from the pros at can look great in the kitchen, while concrete with a different finish will look better outside. However, you have plenty of options, from hardwood flooring in different shades, to various types of tile. Consider the following:

  • How will pets and kids cope with the floor?
  • Is the floor dangerous for kids/elderly?
  • When do you plan on redecorating?
  • Will your floor withstand the foot traffic?
  • Will it add value to the home?

There are many other ways you can find the ideal floor for you, but asking yourself the above questions is a start.

  1. Keep It Minimal

If you really want your home to ooze class, keeping it minimal is a great idea. The more minimal you are with your possessions, the more space you’ll have to play with, and the less time you’ll have to spend tidying and decluttering your home. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle will also help you to cut back on consumerism and save money.


  1. Make Sure It Means Something

If you’re going to decorate your home with accessories and different bits and pieces, make sure they mean something to you. Studies have proven that having clutter in the home makes most people stressed, but when the clutter actually means something to the homeowner, it makes them happier! If you must have things dotted around to enhance your home, make sure they really mean something to you.

  1. Mix Up Your Metals

Try mixing up your metals for a cool, eclectic look in any room. Try changing up your hardware, and don’t be afraid to use rose gold, silver, and gold together. This can look classy if you do it right!

  1. Create A Feature Wall

A feature wall can be incorporated into just about any home to add personality. It’s a wall that draws the eye, and can be created using paint, wallpaper, stencils, pictures, souvenirs, and so much more. You can even make your feature wall more 3D by placing furniture in front of it.

  1. Choose Glamorous Colors

If you want to have an elegant looking home, choose classy colors to accentuate this. Neutrals look great, but for some, they are boring. Try muted tones of dove grey, or try dark colors like rich purple to add elegance. You can make just about any color look elegant with the right accessories and accents. Look at Pinterest for some ideas!


  1. Plump Up Your Pillows

A classy home will always have plump pillows as a rule. There will never be a shortage! Plump up your pillows on your sofas, add more even! Add more to your bed and make sure it looks like you want to jump straight on it. A classy home always has lots of plush texture in the form of pillows, which brings us on to our next point…


  1. Focus On Texture

Pillows aren’t the only important thing to have. You need to add texture in as many ways as you can. Leafy green plants help, but make sure you use rugs, throws, and other bits and pieces to add the texture you need. Layer things up and really have fun with it!

  1. Find Amazing Artwork

Finally, finish off your classy home with artwork that you truly love. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it. Take your time in finishing off your home, and don’t buy things for the sake of it just to rush finishing it off. If you like, you could even ask a local artist to commission a piece for you.

With these 12 simple steps, you can easily take your home from trashy to classy. Which of them will you be utilising to create a home you love to live in, and feel proud of? Leave a comment!