Are you watching The Block?  I am really enjoying the Triple Threat series this year. The couples are  renovating three, rundown apartments and turning them into one, beautiful family home.  Have you ever wondered about how much it costs to furnish and decorate a room?  Well, Coles Insurance have created an interactive game to test your knowledge and do just that!  So, if you consider yourself the master of renovations or decorating,  see if you can guess the value of the contents .  I’m doing a bit of decorating at my place at the moment and the cost of furnishings and fittings can really add up.  So if any of you are doing the same, this might give you an indication of what you’re in for!


Decorating and furnishing my family room, the costs really add up.

This post is brought to you by Coles Insurance.

As part of The Block sponsorship, Coles Insurance has created an interactive game where you guess the value of the contents in a fictional room. The rooms are inspired by The Block and coincide with what area of their apartments the BLOCKheads have renovated each week.   So now is your chance to test what you know and win a Coles Gift Card!

Here’s how to enter: head over to the  Coles Value Master Competition,  here.

Simply click on this week’s room, examine the image and submit your contents valuation.  Remember, you are just guessing the value of the content, not how much it cost to build the room: that means the cost of furniture, fittings, etc.. but not fixtures.   If you’ve just bought new furniture, or decorator pieces for your place, you’ll be able to relate to how quickly it all adds up!

There is one $100 Coles Gift Card up for grabs each week, to be awarded based on the closest and quickest guess.  And, there are nine,  $50 Coles Gift Cards for the next  nine best guesses.

The Block apartments will be naturally rendered, with new windows, a new roof line, new façade treatments, green elements and huge private terrace.  I cannot wait to see it finished.  This year’s line-up of Block contestants are fantastic and they have already delivered some outstanding rooms.


Every Thursday Coles Insurance will publish their assessed valuation of the room’s contents and details of the previous week’s winning estimate.

Good luck everyone!

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