Let’s be clear, at some point, you may want to be in a position to sell your home. Not all of us have found our forever homes just yet and there are so many reasons why people decide to move such as their jobs, more space or to be closer to loved ones. However, we all want as much money for our properties as possible to ensure that our initial investment has paid off, but in some cases, you might need to work a little to make this your reality. There are many different ways that you can add value to your property, and it doesn’t always involve things like replacing kitchens, landscaped gardens, new bathrooms and extensions. Here are some of the things to think about. 

Image source – Pixabay – CC0 License 

Increasing the amount of storage

Storage is a problem for most homes, especially in today’s modern society when we just seem to accumulate a lot more stuff than we possibly need. So designing your home and considering the storage side of things could work in your favour. You may want to think about using little nooks in your home and having a carpenter design the space to add cupboards and shelves to make more use of the redundant space. You could also take this on in bedrooms so that you take care of the clothes and any hanging space you or anyone else could possibly need. Maybe you need to look at external storage spaces to keep some of the things you need periodically. You might also like to have your loft area made more usable so that you can store those things you don’t need too often like Christmas decorations, for example. Pinterest is full of space saving ideas to inspire you. 

Changing the interior decoration

It can often be the simplest changes that you make that can have the biggest impact on you, your guests or any potential buyers in the future. Changing the interior decoration can be this simple change and deciding on a more neutral theme could mean that your home will appeal to the masses. We all have the right to portray our personalities in our home, but if you want to add value you have to consider whether this is the best way to go. Neutral tones can be great and then you can add pops of colour into the interior in the use of accessories and soft furnishings. 

Minimising the clutter

Finally, clutter can be your downfall. We have already mentioned the power of adding storage solutions to your home, but you also need to consider how much clutter you do have any maybe use this as an opportunity to rid yourself of it for good. The Konmari technique could be a great place to start and there are also some great tutorials and tips on platforms like YouTube to get you started. Even if you commit to five minutes of decluttering a day you could be on to a good thing. 

Let’s hope that this has given you some inspiration for some of the ways you can add value to your home.