We know that light is a good thing – because it’s the opposite of dark. While the darkness might have its benefits – it’s always associated with negativity and bad things. Even in Star Wars, they are always harping on about how the baddies are part of the Dark Side. We need light. Without light, we aren’t in the know – we’re feeling around in the unknown to be exact, and that be scary if we’re not in familiar surroundings. Even in the home, we do need light to accentuate and bring emphasis, let alone see what we are doing!

How can we bring light into the home? With a few wires and a bulb – that’s how, but light is a natural thing as well – you might not know that if you’re out of the home all day, of course.

Natural lighting is super important though. Big windows can allow light to swim around large rooms. You might not have the budget to knock big holes in your walls for big windows though, so find ways to work around this. Add mirrors to reflect natural light and bring brightness into the home. Don’t forget to pull the curtains back or bring the blinds up. This can have a negative impact on privacy in the home, so balance it out with a product like premier tint that adds a bit of a blocker between you and the outside world.  Light is important, especially the light from the Sun – how it gets everywhere boggles the mind.

The Sun isn’t up throughout the entire day, that’s basic science. It needs to pay attention to the other side during the night – our night. That doesn’t mean we can’t bring light into the home though – in fact; it means we have control over it. With lighting, we forget its importance – we always focus on other, admittedly cooler things – the floor, the ceiling, and furniture, along with paint and gadgets. Lighting almost always comes last, and this isn’t right – not really. Good lighting has a lot of power and a lot of say in how good a home really looks. Light can bring focus to statement pieces and change the mood of a room. It’s got a great deal of power, but only when done right. Match your lighting against your furniture – so if you’ve got minimalist and modernist furniture, you don’t want old-school lamps. Be a bit creative here though.

While we can be creative and fancy with light, it still has a big use. We need it to do things – cook, clean, read, study and play. If a room can’t be lit up fully because of silly design choices, you’ve made a mistake. A room should be able to be moody – and bright with a flick of a switch. Don’t sacrifice the ability to see in your home because it looks good. Function has to come before fashion here!

If you’re looking for an easy way to renovate, why not adjust your lighting and see what it changes about your home!