Now I don’t know about you but I am old enough to remember that during my teenage years my records meant so much to me.  My friends and I used to save our money and then head into the city to purchase the latest extended remixes.  We had so much fun and I remember the excitement of coming home and pulling out a fresh album ready to play on my record player.

Well it seems that these good old days are back.  The revolution of the record player has returned and teenagers now are purchasing vinyl from their favourite bands.  Young bands are even releasing limited edition LP’s and printing their own vinyl to stay unique.

It seems modern vinyl players are back for young and old. For some it might be the simple pleasure of using a turntable for the first time or the dull thud of the needle drop, the crackle of static before the first track bursts to life. It’s amazing that a format so old, continues to provoke the curiosity for many, and with the recent resurgence in the vinyl market, it doesn’t look like they’ll be fading away any time too soon.

With so many turntables available on the market it be can tricky to know where to start. Think about where the turntable is going to be placed.  Is it going in a teens bedroom or are you going to use it in your living room and proudly display it like a piece of furniture.

With vinyl’s comeback likely to stay, there’s no better time to get involved. There really are so many record players on the market that will fit your style and with Christmas around the corner it’s a great present for those who have everything.

What about this beauty, The Crosley Lancaster Entertainment Center, it combines classic retro style with all-in-one functionality. This retro style machine plays 3 speeds of records, AM/FM radio, cassette tape, CDs and your digital collection via AUX In or Bluetooth In.  Packing in all the modern features into a great looking record player, they’re available from

So it seems vinyl music has made a comeback against the ease and convenience of digital streaming. Vinyl is such a sensory experience. You can touch a record, visually appreciate its artwork which is all the rage with teens and you can notice the distinct smell of an old album sleeve.