How many cushions is too many?  Many factors play into this scenario.  How big is the space you wish to dress?  Is it a bed or a massive modular couch?  Is it a formal room or a relaxed space to watch TV and movies in?  Are the cushion massive, oblong or small and round?

All these factors play a part into how you accesorise with cushions in your home and so hopefully my tips for accessoring with cushions today will help you to get it right.


1. Try and keep to the same colour palette.  On my bed I have used soft pastels, greys and geometric shapes.  These all work well together complimenting each other and mix in well with the throw and bedhead which is also in the same colour palette.



2.  For a casual relaxed look, play with colour and pattern.  Here I have used hot pink with a mix of greys, yellow and pastels.  The patterns are all different but work together to create a lived in relaxed feel.  Have fun with colour and pattern.


Available from here

3.   If you have a fairly neutral room, choose 2 or 3 colours and patterns to really pop.  Try adding some metallic for fun and also some texture for interest.  These cushions by Cushionopoly are a great start for any room.

cushion 2_opt

4. If you have a small room, don’t choose an oversized sofa, so therefore don’t choose oversized cushions.  Keep the balance right by choosing the right sized cushion.  Add a throw rug to complete the look.


5.  Stick to greys and yellows for the bedroom so that it doesn’t feel to feminine.  Introduce a colour palette that isn’t to girly and then add cushions in that colour palette.  You’ll love the look and keep him happy too.

I hope today’s tips have made the task of adding cushions to your home a little less daunting.  I have a gorgeous range available through my shop to get you started.


Have fun..