Who would have guessed that so many people would be working from home in April 2020 due to COVID 19.

It’s great to be able to work from home and if you are one of the growing number of workers who have that privilege then this post is for you.  It’s sometimes hard to stay motivated, on track and get your work done when you work from home.  You have many things that can side track you, the TV being one, so today I give you 5 tips to stay motivated when working from home.

1. Have a dedicated work space.

Whether it be a small nook or a dedicated room.  This is where you can focus all your attention on working and getting the tasks done.

2. Have A Break.

Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you should skip lunch or morning tea.  Have dedicated breaks to refresh your mind and that way when you return you will be focussed and ready to get stuck into your work.

3. Leave Work At Work.

Easier said than done sometimes but make sure you have a clock off time.  As well as a dedicated finishing time, it is as equally important to make sure you switch off for the night.  You cannot be expected to work 24 hours a day just because you work from home.  That way it won’t feel like when you are at home all you do is work.  I normally switch my computer off at 5pm.

4.  Get Dressed.


Ok so you don’t have to get dressed up in your finest wear but I think it’s important you get dressed ( out of your pjs that is) as you would if you were going to a job outside of your home.  This will put you in good stead for the day. It’s all about the mindset and really who wants to see your PJ’s on a zoom call.

5. Get Organised.

Get organised and stay organised.  

File away paper, write to do lists, have dedicated spots for your work.  Surround yourself with gorgeous stationery and a mood board full of inspiration and you are on your way to successfully working from home.

I hope these top 5 tips help you to be a work at home success!

Are you working from home at the moment?

What are some of the challenges you face?