The internet is such a wonderful place.  Full of ideas and inspiration.  Today I share my top 5 ideas to steal. Keep them archived for when you might need them, bookmark it, print it, save it. You never know when these ideas will pop into your mind and you will use them.


1. Modern Wedding Bouquet


I love this idea.  Why not be a little bit different and instead of having a bunch of flowers have just a single stem to walk down the aisle.  Image from here.


2. Framed Tea Towels as Artwork

familyroom 2_opt

Art can sometimes be a little unaffordable.  We all have budgets to stick to, bills to pay.  Have you thought about framing your favourite tea towels as art?  My tea towels are by one of my favourite Australia artists Rachel Castle.  These limited edition tea towels are 1 of 100 printed.  Rachel has released a new range which you can buy on line here.


3. Washi Tape Notebooks


Cover plain notebooks and pencils with your favourite washi tape.  See the full post here.


4. Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches


Donut ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  Wouldn’t these be so delicious?  This is one sugar hit I’m going to try at my next dinner party.  So simple yet such a great idea.  You can see the full post here.


5. Same Spot Calendar


I really think this idea is fantastic, take a photo in the same spot with your kids each month or year if you like.  What a wonderful reflection this would be, read more about it here.


Hope these ideas inspired you a little.