It’s that time of year again.  Are you starting to feel a little bit unorganised as those around you are so organised doing Christmas shopping and lists.  Here are my top 5 organisation tips and some cute stationery and ideas to get you on the track to feeling organised.  It’s never to late to get started and especially at this time of year when our diaries really start to fill up.


1. File

Everything has a place so when you open your mail file it in its appropriate place.  When the kids give you notices, jot down the dates and file it away.  Don’t wait for another day to do this, you’ll probably forget important dates. Action it immediately and then you work space stays under control and your feel a bit more organised.


2. Buy cute notebooks and files

I always find that filing and writing lists is just that bit more enjoyable when its on the cutest stationery.  Start at Typo and Kikki K for lots of pretty files and notebooks.



3. Have a dedicated space

I have my own office space at home so do my kids.  It’s up to them to keep it organised but with a colourful and personalised space that is their own they are more likely to keep it organised.  Same applies to the kids too, action everything immediately and everything has it’s place.


4. Get a Weekly Planner

I find having the week set out in front of me means there are no surprises that may pop up.  Also start your 2015 diary now.  I know I have a lot of dates that have popped up for 2015 and now I am able to jot them down.  Kikki K have the cutest diaries in lots of sizes.


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5. Write Notes

It’s not possible to remember everything.  I write notes for everything to remind me to do things.  Stick them in a spot that you will see them that way you’ll get the job done.


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Most of all do what makes you happy.  As we lead into the busiest weeks of the year, if getting organised will make you happier, I hope these simple tips will help.