I am so lucky doing what I do.  I was talking to the lady at the register at Coles the other day and she reminded me of this.  It all started when she asked ‘day off?’  I quickly replied, no I work from home as a product stylist and blogger.  ‘Wow’ she said, you are so lucky to be able to work from home’.  I walked away thinking about our little conversation and thought to myself, yes I am so lucky to be doing this.  My hard worked paid off in the end and I am sent some really amazing products to share with you.  I love being a blogger and today I share my top 5 things I love.


Don’t you just love this Lovestruck Homewares diamond light was gifted to me this week.  It sits so beautifully on my marble table that I don’t think I will mount it on the wall.


I bought some new runners from Stylerunner.  I adore these new Nike Flyknit Lunar 3,  perfect for the gym.


Biology skincare was gifted to me.  I really love the hand and body lotion.  With it’s essential oils its smells beautiful and my favourite is the body wash and hand cream.


The Health Lab were so lovely to send me these protein balls.  Just what I need at 3pm for a pick me up.  They were big enough to fill me up a bit and really did taste delicious.


This Luxx candle was sent to me last week.  I really think it’s the best candle I have at the moment.  I know it’s a big call but it burns really nicely and smells amazing.

What are you loving at the moment?