I absolutely love Instagram. It’s the first thing I look at when I wake up and the last thing I look at before I go to bed.  I am a visual person so Instagram feeds my visual creative side as I get to look at inspiring, creative beautiful feeds all the time.  I follow some amazing instagrammers, all unique in their own way but we all have one thing in common.  We know the tricks to crafting a beautiful, flawless instagram feed.

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I’ve created quite a following myself on instagram.  As I write this article I have 37,900 followers.  So I guess I can share today my top 5 tips to a beautiful instagram feed.


Shoot Your Photos In Bright Natural Light

Lighting is so important.  I like to take my images mid morning and catch all the natural light I can.  I love shooting my pictures with a crisp white background.  That way my feeds stays bright and crisp.


Diversify Your Content

Diversify your content and keep you audience interested.  Keeping in with my white, crisp theme, I like to share different images of styled content.  That way hopefully my audience will stay engaged.  Think flatlays, food styling, house shots, product shots, vignettes.  See below for a few examples.


Be Strategic About What You Post Next

Think about the last photo your in your feed.  Will it look good next to the photo I’m about to post?  What about the post before that?  Look at your feed before you post.  Are the colours similar? Is the style the same?  This will keep your feed looking flawless and beautiful.  If I don’t like a picture in the my feed because it doesn’t match I simply delete it.


Follow A Theme

Again keeping in with my crisp, white images, my photos all follow a similar style and theme.  This keeps my feed flowing and my content true to my audience.  There is no point in posting an image about car racing as it just would not suit my feed nor would it interest my audience.


Crop Your Photos The Same Way

I like to take my images in square forma, but now there are other options for instagram.  It is  most important to keep all your photos cropped the same.  That way your feed stays coherent and easy on the eye.  I don’t use borders or rectangular cropped photos, but I know some instagrammers who do and their feed is amazing.

How are you going with your instagram feed?  I really hope these tips will help you.

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Have a great Friday!