Is there really a secret to loving your home?  Well I’m not exactly sure but perhaps my top 5 tips to love your home might help.  Whatever your budget, whatever your style, you can take away a little tip from today to start loving your home a little more.

1. Buy Linen You Love


I love to buy linen and dress my bed so it looks inviting and comfy.  Even if you just buy a throw or blanket that you love and put it on your bed it will have you falling in love with your space again. This might urge you to buy some new linen.  I am currently coveting this Country Road linen set.


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2. Buy some cheap and cheerful accessories.  myplace_opt


You really don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to update your space.  I picked up this clock for $10.oo at Kmart the other day.  It will keep the time and make the space a whole lot nicer to be in.


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3. Use Tea Towels As Artwork


Art can get quite pricey so why not frame some of the gorgeous tea towels designers are printing.  These are  by Rachel Castle and  are limited edition tea towels available in her shop.  Their bright colours bring happiness to my space without breaking the bank.  I’ve got my eye on some more limited edition pieces too.


Frame these funky tea towels for cheap and cheerful art in your home.


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4. Add some cushions.


Mix and match colours and patterns to create the look you love.  As you can see in my lounge room pictured here, nothing really matches but it’s the colour palette the really uplifts me.


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With so many designs to choose from you can really personalise your own space by adding some new cushions.


5. Add some Greenery


Add some greenery to your space.  Greenery will breathe some fresh air into your space and also add life and colour.  Paint your pots to match your decor or just pick some greenery from the garden and put into a vase.


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I bought these cacti and succulents and my local hardware store.  I repotted them in these pots that I spray painted myself.  You can read about my that here.  It doesn’t have to cost the earth and it sure can lift your spirits seeing some cheery little succulents in your place.

I hope these 5 tips will give you some inspiration, let me know what tips you take on board.

Do you need to do anything to love your home?