The worst part about buying and selling would have to be the moving.  Agree?  I can’t think of anything worse than packing up my house ( my whole entire life belongings) and everyones stuff and then unpacking it again at the other end.  And we sure have a lot of stuff as I imagine everyone does.


You just want everything to go as smoothly as possible.  So today I thought I’d share my top tips for moving with SQUAREpeg Movers.

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  1. Get Help with packing and unpacking.
    Whether it be from the family or calling in the professionals.  Make it a bit easier on yourself by easing the workload by sharing it.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
    Not everything will be in it’s place at your new home but making sure the heavier items like the bed and dining table and couches are where they should be is important.  Making sure the company you hire helps you put the bigger items in place is all you should really worry about.
  3. Don’t get any new items delivered on moving day.
    So you’ve ordered all that new furniture from your favorite funiture store for your new home.  Hold off a few days and get it delivered after the move.  Let your moving company just concentrate on moving you from your old house to your new one without any extra confusion thrown in.
  4. Hire a reputable moving company.
    Make sure you do your homework.  Use a moving company with a good reputation and a can do attitude like SQUAREpeg Movers.  These guys have a can do attitude.  After all you never know what can be thrown your way on move day.
  5. Cater.
    At the new house everyone will be tired, hungry and thirsty.  Even your moving guys so why not have a few drinks and food on hand to say thanks and to keep them happy.  After all you want them to have lots of energy to move all your furniture.


So who to use, well SQUAREpeg Movers have been around for about 5 years and and have been growing at a rate of 2 trucks per year. Each and every driver has the ability to take their vehicles home and look after them individually. This is aimed to provide a cheaper service to the people of Melbourne as they don’t have any crazy expensive warehouse fees that we have to covers.


They pride themselves on the attitude that we will get anything done for our clients. If they need couches over balconies then they make it happen. If they need something delivered for a photoshoot in the country then they will make that happen too. Their reputation has grown vastly throughout the property styling industry and they can unofficially claim that they are the largest supplier of movers to the property styling companies in Melbourne and most likely Australia. They aim to move into other states too like Adelaide, Queensland, Perth, Tasmania and all the way across the pond in Christchurch. So stay tuned.

You can also find the SQUAREpeggers on Instagram @squarepegmovers.
Happy moving!