When you buy a home, you’re not just buying a place to live. You’re buying an investment. Put the time and work in and make the right choices and it can eventually give you a lot more in return for what you paid for it. However, making investments into the value of your home must always be done with care. Knowing what can really boost that value is important, so here are a few reliable changes you should consider.


Light it up

Outdoor lighting is just one way to give your home a little more class and ambience. It’s also a highly practical installation to keep the garden and exterior of the home safe when the nights get longer. Besides a potential bump to the value of your home, it can add that all-important curb appeal. Making sure your garden can attract plenty of eyes is just as important to getting a better sale, as it attracts more competing offers to your benefit.

Make it practical

The more uses a garden has, the more valuable that it is. A gorgeous, landscaped garden with plenty of room for gardeners to grow has value in and of itself. However, if it also has plenty of space for socialising, dining, and simply relaxing, that can greatly increase its worth, as well. Take a look at the possibility of installing outdoor patios. If you can keep it well protected from the weather with awnings and even comfortable with outdoor heating and lighting, you can maximise its value even further.


Be wary of water

When you think a luxury garden, you might think of koi ponds and elaborate waterworks. The truth is that not every home is going to benefit from water features equally. If you live in a nice suburban area that’s already rising in value, adding garden fountains can give it major luxury appeal and boost its value significantly. If you live in an area where house prices are low or stagnant, then the costs of maintaining those same water features can actually turn buyers away. Know your area and know your market if you plan on adding water features of any kind.


Privacy goes a long way

A garden that’s secluded and safe for the family to relax and live in is always to be worth more than a garden that’s open for anyone to look or hop into. When it comes to privacy, installing a green wall can add a visual barrier, some sound masking, as well as keeping in line with the rest of the green aesthetic. However, don’t forget that security is just as important as privacy. You should aim for fences, gates, and walls that provide both, not just one or the other.

Always bear in mind the comparison between the initial cost and the eventual return. It’s wise to implement changes you actually like just to make sure that even if it doesn’t add as much value as you would like, it’s still something you can gladly live with.