If you have a garden or any outside space at all, why not take full advantage of it? Right now while we’re all being forced to stay home because of coronavirus, the garden can be a real sanctuary and can stop you from going insane staring at the same four walls. Maybe you’ve been furloughed from work and have time on your hands, doing up the garden can be a productive way to use that time- especially when many DIY type stores have stayed open so getting supplies isn’t as hard as you think. Here are some of the ways you can put your garden to good use. 

Add some decking

Decking looks fantastic in both small and large gardens alike. If you already have decking you could spend time sanding and restaining or painting it to ensure it’s weatherproof and looks its best. If you’re able to collect or get decking materials delivered, this could be a fantastic project to get to work on. 

Consider some raised flower beds

There’s plenty of reasons you might not currently have flower beds, if you have kids and pets for example then you’ll know they’ll just get trodden on and destroyed. But you don’t need to give up on the idea of flowers in the garden, just make the beds raised. A timber retaining wall will keep everything together, then you can plant some pretty blooms that will really bring your garden to life. Utilise large pots and hanging baskets too to keep flowers out of reach of kids and dogs. 

Install a pond

A pond is a great feature to add to any garden, especially since it’s good for the wildlife. With a good water source you can expect to attract birds, insects, and amphibians such as frogs, giving them somewhere to drink and breed in some cases. On top of this, it gives the garden some interest and makes it look nice, you could even add a water feature if you’re feeling creative. These are nice as the sound of trickling water can help to drown out background noise from outside such as traffic or people and generally make your garden more peaceful. You could add lights, ornaments or other features or just keep it simple depending on your budget and style. 

Add some shelter

Summer days are blissful but it can get very warm out in the garden, especially if you have kids outside with you. A summer house is a great addition and is something you could build, decorate and enjoy right now as a way to make the most of your garden. You could even look into garden rooms and extensions, you won’t be able to have any builders start work on them right now but you have time to think about it, save and plan. 

How will you be making the most of your garden?