Vanilla Slate Designs is an interior Design and Homeware company that was established by two friends.  The launch of their bespoke range of cushions called ‘The Sisterhood’ is vintage inspired and full of colour and great design.

‘The Sisterhood’ collection was created in collaboration with Sydney artist Tanith du Plessis and is entirely Australian designed and made.  This is something I definitely like to support.


Instead of using vintage fabric they created a range with a vintage feel, but with on current textiles and I just love them.  Only water-based pigment inks are used, that are solvent free and environmentally friendly, something that is important to all of us.


‘The Sisterhood’ collection is a tribute to Lyndie and Eriana’s friends that have now become their family.  All cushions are printed on 100% linen and most have piping and come in gorgeous patterns and colours.  Feathered inserts are optional.


With so much colour and pattern available in their range, I invite you to take a look at Vanilla State Designs here.