Today I’ve collaborated with VELCRO® Sticky Back for Fabrics.  This product is the latest offering from the brand and for more than 60 years VELCRO® companies continue to invent fastening solutions that solve problems in simple and surprising ways.


You probably already know I’m no good at gardening,well I’m actually no good at sewing either.  When it comes to repairing hems or a gaping tops I’m straight off to the embroidery shop to get them to do it.   Did you know that VELCRO® Sticky Back for Fabrics is a quick fix for lots of things?

  • Repairing a hem
  • Making cute costumes for kids
  • Craft projects like the one I’m going to show you today
  • Sticking numbers on the backs of sports clothing


I was gifted some no sew banners which were cleverly designed by Dunne With Style.  I had so much fun putting them together and let me tell you it was very easy.  No sewing required.  So I was very happy.

In this design I used VELCRO® Sticky Back for Fabrics strips to adhere the top of the banner down holding the dowel in place.


Each piece of coloured felt was stuck down to the banner using VELCRO® Sticky Back for Fabrics dots.  It meant if you made a mistake, you could easily peel off the felt triangle and start again.  No mess, no glueing.  Yay, I was really loving this project.


VELCRO® Sticky Back For Fabrics can last up to 110 cold/warms washes too.  So amazing and I bet you are now wondering where can I purchase it from?

VELCRO® Sticky Back For Fabrics are available in black and white assortment of shapes and sizes to suit any product.

Available nationally from Bunnings, Spotlight and independent haberdashery stores.  For more information on this fantastic product click here.