Verandah House have a passion for design and an eye for detail and are the driving force behind the Verandah House Design Series.

As designers and decor coaches they share their love of classic design and want to empower you to have the inspiration and confidence to style your own home.

Design identities Judy Elliott and Jess Bandiera are the dynamic mother and daughter powerhouse whose personal flair and creative talents are the heart and soul of their award-winning boutique design firm, Verandah House.

Do you want to feel truly inspired and confident with styling your home?

Do you know what you love but just don’t know how to put it together?

Do you buy beautiful pieces, but your home lacks that wow-factor?

Have you stared at the space way too long & lack inspiration?

Design Series is the first ever 6-week styling course where you are taken into a world of interiors learn how you can perfect the art of styling.

I recently did the course and it was great to work at my own pace.  There is a weekly video and workbook that you can download and it was all easy to understand.  You’ll be styling like a pro in no time.   Packed full of beautiful photographs and easy to follow diagrams, this 6 week course was a lot of fun.

So how do you get started?

To find out more head to the Design Series page here, or if you want to find out more about Verandah House click here.

Remember, Judy and Jess are there with you every step of the way to help you style with confidence.