Whether you’ve been living in your house for twelve months or twelve years, there comes a point at which you realize your home is starting to look a little worn out and the styles are starting to look a little dated. Perhaps the house is just old, or perhaps you stopped putting time and effort into maintaining the place and updating old features of your home with modern and contemporary designs or furnishings.



Whatever the case, it’s never too late to give your home a fresh face. There’s still just as much potential to make your home look nice as there was when you first moved into the place, as you were likely impressed by the aesthetic back then. You still have just as much space as you did before, but it’s probably time to use it more effectively. If it’s been a while since the last DIY job and you’re wondering how to reinvent your home’s style.


Plan, and set a budget.

First of all, you need a plan. You need to look a house and make a list of all the old or broken elements that need fixing either on a practical or an aesthetic level. Then you need to set a budget for the renovation project before you start making any rash decisions. You don’t want disappointment when you realize you only have enough money to cover half the tasks you set out to complete.


In addition, it might ruin the sleek, modern style you’re striving towards if you only modernize half of the house and leave the other half looking old or outdated. Go through your list and search for price-effective but efficient solutions for each of your problems. If you’re running low on ideas then some of the suggestions within this article might give you some cost-effective but sleek ideas for reinventing your home’s style.


Tidy, clean and give the place a new coat of paint.

The cheapest way to improve your home is to simply tidy the place up. Before a renovation project, it helps to start with a clean slate. You’re an artist, when it comes to interior design, and that means you need to create a blank canvas on which to work. You need to be getting rid of all the clutter which you and your family have steadily collected over the years. You don’t want to get rid of things which hold great sentimental value, of course, as that’s what makes a house into a “home”. Still, a lot of the clutter which has built up around your house is likely unnecessary junk, and it could all go to charity or a friend who might find a better use for it.

Most importantly, you need to give the place a deep clean. There’s every chance that your home isn’t too outdated in terms of style, but the place just looks unclean. Old carpets may need to be replaced if they’re too deeply stained, of course, but you should be cleaning everything to the best of your ability. Repainting the walls with a fresh coat of white paint and giving doors, kitchen cabinets and perhaps even window frames a new coat of paint could also help to renew the modernity of your household. White is a good color as it allows natural light to brighten rooms, but it’s also neutral and allows you to add new styles on top of this blank drawing board.


Look at unused spaces.

Spare rooms and garages are often unused by many homeowners, but such spaces could be an opportunity for you to bring a modern and contemporary style to an otherwise-neglected section of your home. It’s a room in the house just like any other, and using the space effectively could free up some space around the rest of your property to allow for less clutter. If you want a minimalist, open space but you’re running out of storage space, then spreading your possessions across a larger number of rooms could help to create a cleaner and more spacious feel to your home.



Think of this as a project. Your garage might just be gathering dust as a home for your car and the odd few tools for DIY jobs that you never seem to get around to, but it could become an entertainment room. You could take some of the excessive toys, gadgets and electronic devices from the living room and put them in your new entertainment space. This could really add some style and class to your house, as sleek entertainment spaces are becoming very popular in modern properties. A family cinema zone complete with a pool table or board games for everyone to enjoy could add another dimension to your household. You could even look into carports if you’d need a new home for your vehicle after converting the garage into an entertainment pad for you and the kids. The best way to reinvent your home is to create an entirely new room within it.


The exterior.

Maybe the above example of a home’s exterior seems a little extravagant, but minimalism can appear that way if executed correctly. The outside of your house creates a first impression on both you and your guests, so it’s important to make this a positive rather than a negative impression. It’s easy to get caught up with interior design and neglect the outside of your property, but you need to update all elements of your household when it comes to a fresh style.



Tidying up the front and back garden should be a priority. Removing overgrown weeds and mowing the lawn frequently will help keep your outdoor space look as clean as your indoor space. A few new flowers or plants couldn’t hurt either, and you might find you want to use your patio more often if your garden looks appealing and stylish. Bringing some of the outside world indoors can also add to the style of your home. It helps to bridge the gap between your garden and your property’s cozy interior. You could add some more plants or flowers to your conservatory or kitchen to create a more vibrant color theme around your humble abode.