How has your week been?  It has been super busy around my place with hubby and I celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary.





I couldn’t resist buying these liquorice all sorts.  They are a little bit delicious.




My daughter who is in Grade Six had a special night at school.  Each Grade 6 student is given a Prep child to care and look after for their first school year.  They call this a buddy and I baked Olivia’s buddy some biscuits as a gift to welcome her to her first year of primary school.




We discovered these Bulla coconut ice ice creams.  And yes, they were every bit as good as they look.



Archer and I went to a lovely cafe/nursery and had afternoon tea together. They have a lake full of ducks and turtles and he loves  feeding the ducks. This time the ducks were very greedy and took his whole bag of food. They just snatched it right out of his hand.  That was the end of that and we left in tears.

How’s your week been?