The weather has turned cold in Melbourne.  I ordered my Autumn/Winter beauty products from Adore Beauty to prepare for the colder weather ahead.


My husband bought home Krispy Kreme donuts as a treat.  Everybody enjoyed them after dinner, they were very very sweet.

april30 4_opt

Archer had a lot of inside play time at kinder this week.  His favourite table was the nature table with lots of spiders and creepy crawlies.


I got on board to support  the National Breast Cancer Foundation with a post promoting products which support and donate when you purchase.  Mothers Day is next Sunday and we are encouraging everyone to ‘think pink’.


I’ve been working hard this week, I love blogging and spend a lot of time at my desk, blogging away.

april30 5_opt

What a way to end the week, my Adore book arrived just in time.  This is my treat to myself and I cannot wait to indulge in every colourful page.


How has your week been?